Specialists in
risk situations

A multidisciplinary and operational team:

  • General Management and Chief Restructuring Officers (CROs): The operational managers part of our restructuring team all have proven experience in turning companies around.
  • Sales: digital strategies, marketing plans, product road maps, customer journeys, international development.
  • HR: crisis management, motivation problems, benefit plans, coaching, recruitment.
  • Finance: financial modeling, financial analysis and planning, M&A/origination support, negotiation with partners.
  • Performance improvement: logistics, innovation, offer expansion.

Meet our experts

Zalis mobilizes employees with more than 20 years’ experience in corporate management. All have had successful careers in which they performed general management, restructuring, change management and digital transformation duties.

They can provide one-off support or replace management, with or without assuming corporate powers. Our experts together have a wide spectrum of complementary expertise in various sectors. They can conduct critical strategic analyses—and provide appropriate operational support—of various change situations, or even crisis situations, that our clients may face.