We design and implement winning strategies to meet operational and financial targets while taking into account the culture of the business and its position in its life cycle.

We are proud of our record assisting companies in transition or in distress. We have extensive experience in helping our clients to come through difficult periods in their life cycle.

Both executives and shareholders place their trust us to conduct and complete their acquisition, disposal and fundraising operations.

We can both identify and implement the right methods to help disrupted companies to become the disrupter in the market.


commit, act

Everyone is asking whether the changes to be forced upon us by the crisis have all begun. There are three categories of change undergone by businesses : the first led by the goal of becoming the best, the second driven by the desire to improve, and the third driven by the necessity for change.

We will first understand, then commit and finally act. These three elements are continually in interaction.

Zalis pools the talents of its multidisciplinary team members to help you to anticipate market trends and improve your performance.

« A record year for tourism must not overshadow the challenges facing the industry, particularly in terms of investment and distribution. This is a subject in which we are experts. »

« Retail apocalypse" for some, opportunity for others. Our operational experts are in the thick of things. »

« The creation and distribution of content are central to digital transformation: What are the winning strategies? »

« Connected and self-driving vehicles, new energy sources, reduced new vehicle registrations, integrated transport strategies. The pressure on manufacturers and their suppliers is intense, and we have been working with them for many years. »



“Deal makers”, “status quo busters” “energy catalysts,” “saviours.” This is how our clients describe us. Contact us today to discuss our track record.