Ivan Maltcheff

HR Director
Strategic Transformation Coach

Ivan Maltcheff has some twenty years of experience in human resources management, combined with some ten years of coaching management teams.

He joined the staff of Zalis in 2002 and has been in charge of restructuring, merger and demerger projects for several small and medium-size businesses. He specializes in staff remobilization plans during periods of radical change and has devised a number of extensive human resources development programs.

He owes his reputation to his wide-ranging experience in change management, motivation plans, coaching, complex systems, etc.

He initially served as human resources manager at such firms as Kalisto, Sanofi Pasteur, Konica, Biorad and Jeans C17. Working with these companies, which have between 300 and 2000 employees, gave him an opportunity to acquire experience in France and abroad. As a manager, he has hired hundreds of staff members.

Ivan has advanced degrees in corporate law and human resources management.

He is the author of several articles on human resources management and, in 2005, co-authored a book on the management of teams in learning organizations.