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  • Décideurs 2016, about the BTG Global Advisory network
  • BTG Global Advisory, July 2016, ZALIS is extending the global reach of its network to cover South Africa
  • Décideurs 2016, Zalis in the French Top 2 of Chief Restructuring Officers for the sixth running year.



  • Décideurs July 2014, Zalis in the French Top 2 of Chief Restructuring Officers for the fourth running year.
  • Décideurs July 2014, Zalis confirms strong reputation in transaction services and strategic advisory.


  • Le Magazine des affaires December 2013, Le restructuring gagne du terrain.
  • France Info November 2013, L’état va prêter de l’argent directement aux entreprises en difficulté.
  • Private equity magazine_November 2013, Zalis spécialiste des ruptures.
  • Tourmag February 2013, Daniel Cohen, Président du Directoire et Claire Dreyfus Cloarec, présidente du Conseil de Surveillance.
  • L’écho touristique  May 2013, carnet des decideurs, cohen-daniel.
  • L’écho touristique  February 2013, Fram, consultants et financiers prennent les commandes.
  • Tourmag.  November 2013, “L’appel désespéré de certains salariés qui envisagent le pire.
  • Le Point.fr, June 2013, interview of Daniel Cohen “The blue berets of the employment”.
  • Capital Finance, January 2013, Interview of Daniel Cohen “Companies have trouble raising funds”.
  • Agefi, September 2013, Daniel Cohen, l’homme clé by Gwenaëlle Le Solleu.


  • MacroAxis July 2012, Daniel Cohen on the website macroaxis.com.
  • lefigaro.fr June 2012, Daniel Cohen, President & Founder of Zalis, enter in the supervisory board of Partouche (a french group of casino).
  • Décideurs July 2012, Zalis in the French Top 2 of Chief Restructuring Officers.
  • Lenouveleconomiste.fr May 2012, Capital turnaround funds are at the bedside of SME in trouble.
  • Latribune.fr, May 2012, Restrucuring and capital turnaround funds will be busy.
  • Capital Finance – March 2012, Zalis is diversifing its growth.


  • Décideurs September 2011, Zalis in the French top 3 of Chief Restructuring Officers.
  • L’Express June 2011, Restructuring as tool of prevention.
  • CFO News May 2011, Zalis as operational and strategic advisor for Partouche.


  • L’AGEFI – December 2010, Company mergers, by Laure Rosier.
  • Restructuring yearbook guide 2010 October 2010, «Zalis in the French top 3 of the crisis manager».
  • La Lettre de l’Expansion  November 2010, «Zalis is growing».
  • CfNews.net November 2010, «Zalis is structuring its organisation with Jonathan Aidan».
  • Executives November 2010, «nomination of Jonathan AIDAN as a Secretary General for Zalis ».
  • Les echos.fr October 2010, «SME : its hard to make ends meet at the end of the month» – Interview of Daniel Cohen, President of Zalis, by François Lebrun.
  • SfaxBusiness.com September 2010, Zalis is advising the seller on the disposal of MGP Conseil to Eurogiciel.
  • CFNews.net September 2010, MGP Conseil lean back on EUROGICIEL – quote of Daniel Cohen, President of Zalis.
  • CFO news September 2010, «Zalis is advising the seller on the disposal of MGP Conseil to Eurogiciel».
  • Challenges.fr  June 2010, «The weak euro restores hope to exporters» quote of Daniel Cohen, President of Zalis.
  • Private Equity  January 2010, RESTRUCTURATING investigation – Funds have avoided ending in disaster by Houda El Boudrari.


  • Options et Finances December 2009, «3 questions to Daniel Cohen , President Founder of Zalis» by Ondine Delauney.
  • La Lettre A.fr  December 2009, Article about ZALIS-A&A : «le temps d’avance» to replace « apporter un second souffle ».
  • Human Resources  October 2009, «HR’s role in turning around a company» by Daniel Cohen, President of Zalis and Ivan Maltcheff, HRM Zalis.
  • Décideurs June 2009, part 2 «The operational implementation of the turnaround process» par Daniel Cohen, President founder of Zalis.
  • Décideurs April 2009, part 1 «Diagnosis phase for companies in crisis» by Daniel Cohen, President founder of Zalis.


  • Décideurs December 2008, «What are the preferred options for 2009» intervention of Jacques Attali, Stéphane Boujnah and Daniel Cohen at the Private Equity Exchange 2008.
  • Décideurs  November 2008, Corporate Finance, Rendez-vous,  «Risk management within businesses».
  • Décideurs  September 2008, «Human Resources and Turnaround» by Daniel Cohen, President founder of Zalis and Ivan Maltcheff, HRM of Zalis.
  • Décideurs  May 2008, Corporate Finance,  «Risk management within businesses».