“A record year for tourism must not overshadow the challenges facing the industry, particularly in terms of investment and distribution. We’re masters at dealing with such matters.”

“Retail apocalypse for some, opportunity for others. Our operational experts are in the thick of things.”

“Content creation and distribution are central to digital transformation: What are the winning strategies?”

“Connected and autonomous vehicles, energy transition, new mobility. The pressure is intense for manufacturers and their suppliers. We have been working with them for many years.”

“New players like COMAC and XSpace are redefining a sector that seemed immutable. This shock wave is hitting competitors and suppliers alike.”

“Telecommuting, mobility, new shared spaces, greening, etc. Demand is changing under the impact of new generations. Are investments following?”

“Our planet is also a vast platform for exchange that must face the challenges of energy transition and digitalization. How do we do that?”

“Healthcare startups were a strong trend at the last CES in Las Vegas. This sector’s historical capacity for innovation gives it a real advantage despite the weight of regulations.”

“Fintech and insurtech are receiving much attention in this sector. They are causing a frontal clash between innovation and a culture of risk reduction and regulatory compliance.”

“Like companies, the public sector is changing and being reorganized and digitalized. We support it in meeting these challenges.”

“Robots and artificial intelligence are an integral part of modern plants. How do we finance this new industrial arsenal and make it operational?”