A permanent
state of change

Driven by non-stop technological innovation on a global scale, the tech industry is always changing. Biometrics, eSIMs, cyber security, AI, blockchain, 3D printing, self-driving cars, IoT. Science and technology are constantly evolving.

The problem then becomes managing high-tech activities as they change and being in a good position to grow. In addition, the increase in production capacity marked by the ramp-up of new electronic applications and the high R&D costs required to face foreign competition are putting pressure on the business models of companies in the industry.

How to meet the challenges of the industry

For companies to remain competitive, they must adapt both in terms of strategy and technology. Specialized in supporting tech companies, Zalis pools the talents of its multidisciplinary team to help you foresee market trends, identify the best sustainable innovation for your business and avoid technological quagmires.

How we can help

Zalis helps companies with the following activities:

  • Strategy and innovation consulting
    • Setting up marketing and sales departments
    • Market identification
    • Strategic repositioning
    • Industrial feasibility studies and transition to industrial implementation;
  • Origination to finance upstream phases
  • Operational change in direction
  • Digital transformation

Examples of
Zalis's work

Technology, Media and Telecoms

Zalis worked with a startup developing image recognition software to identify individuals, vehicles and objects. Before Zalis’s intervention, this business was in non-strategic markets and was in great difficulty. At the request of shareholders, we presented a new business plan and took over the company’s management. We simultaneously deployed a backup plan. Zalis’s intervention helped the business continue its activity long term.

Zalis also took part in restructuring a leading semiconductor production company by drawing up an industrial plan to end a crisis, ultimately enabling the group to be sold to a large European business in the sector.

Zalis helped with an AI scale-up in the building industry (smart building), assisting the client in its strategic reflection (positioning in relation to major AI and home automation companies) and its origination efforts to finance its growth.