Since joining Zalis in 2017, Alice has ensured effective communication between the management of Zalis and its consultants, its partners, and its clients and has helped in  project management. She is responsible for the administrative management of the company and oversees Zalis’s external communications.

She previously worked for 10 years in industrial sales administration and for five years in service industries in an international environment as an expatriate in the Czech Republic.

Alice holds a business degree and a Master’s degree in Logistics from SKEMA Business School.

“To me, ZALIS is the perfect-sized company: small enough to be flexible and responsive but with an extraordinary network, so the decision-making process is never slowed down. I believe in its corporate culture of excellence and sharing information and discussing different points of view during twice-weekly committee meetings, which are opportunities for highly constructive and enriching dialogue. I feel at home in the team, which deftly combines people from different backgrounds and a variety of ages, striking the perfect balance between experienced senior consultants and junior employees developing rapidly alongside them. It’s a virtuous cycle that makes everyone better. The firm’s growth is off to a solid start.”

Alice Ghiuritan