Ardoukoba Press release – Madagascar Misssion

The ninth scientific mission organized by the French association Adoukoba has taken place near the region of Tulear, in the southwest of Madagascar.

The aim of this mission was to check the presence of fresh water springs uncontaminated by seawater that could be used by the population of this region. The supply of fresh water to the village, thanks to the partners of Ardoukoba, has enabled the irrigation of a nutritive garden in order to fight against infant malnutrition.

A second mission, exploring the pits of the Malabry plateau, will provide knowledge of the underground network of fresh water that flows underneath this chalky plateau and to study this ecosystem’s biodiversity.

This undertaking has been supported by the friendship group France Madagascar, the Schuman foundation, the Madagascan association Loharano, the French association Madavelona and the French non-governmental organization Tetraktys. All these associations are involved in the promotion of development programs for the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of the local population.

As a partner of this operation, ZALIS has integrated information in order to enable the monitoring of the progress of the mission.