Anne Philipona-Hintzy

CEO of Zalis France

Anne Philipona-Hintzy was appointed managing director of Zalis France in 2020. Her role is to support and develops its activity, serving organizations facing profound change, and at the heart of her role is the protection of sustainable jobs. Her experience in complex situations allows her to work hand in hand with the firm’s clients, adressing their strategic challenges as well as the operational implementation of their transformation projects.

Anne has over 20 years of professional experience in senior management and in advisory positions, especially in Audit and in Consulting, in her role as a Partner at Deloitte.

Starting her career as a financial auditor, Anne became the Chief Financial Officer and the IT Director of a large retailer, where she was a member of the Management Committee and led major transformation projects.

For Deloitte, she managed several international and strategic projets. She also founded a new office in Nancy and served major decision-makers in the Grand Est region. As a member of the « Deloitte France Audit & Insurance » Management Committee, in charge of the « Emerging Growth » division, she supported many leaders and their organizations: family businesses, state-owned companies, listed companies, businesses under LBO, as well as financial institutions and investment funds. Anne has led a wide variety of assignments in several sectors, mainly in manufacturing and distribution and in BtoB services.

Registered Auditor and Certified Public Accountant, Anne holds an Executive MBA from Insead.